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          Jiangmen Juli Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
          • The preparation methods of water-borne dispersible resins can be divided into several kinds.

            Water-borne dispersible resin is a kind of water-borne resin which has no hydrophilic group or a certain (relatively few) hydrophilic group on the resin molecule. It is insoluble or can not be completely dissolved in water, but it can be dispersed in water through certain preparation or processing methods to form water dispersion with water as medium. The preparation methods of water-borne dispersible resin can be divided into self-emulsifying method and external emulsifying method.


          • Selection and Manufacturing Technology of Jiangmen Waterborne Resin Material

            Although water-borne resins have many special functions to complement superfibers, there are still many key and difficult points in the process of application and combination, which need to be studied and dealt with.


          • What factors affect the stability of water-soluble resins?

            The structure of water-soluble resin, introduced groups, molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, neutralizer and cosolvent used are all factors that can affect the stability of water-soluble


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